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Mayboos Disposable Face Towel, Wet And Dry Soft Face Towel

Mayboos Disposable Face Towel, Wet And Dry Soft Face Towel

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The pull rope is designed to prevent dust and moisture and tighten the bag's mouth until the last piece of paper is clean.

Disposable face tissues for pleasant and gentle facial clean touch are essential cleansing paper cloth utilities.

Great essentials to be used as a make-up remover, face mask cleaner, baby face, and body cleaner, or any sensitive area you want to apply it for!

Package includes: 1 pack of Disposable Face Towel

【Dry And Wet Use】- It is more convenient to carry cotton dry wipes for outdoor activities and travel. When you use them to wash your face or remove makeup, you simply need to add water. Wet and dry use make cleaning more hassle-free.
【Easy To Portable】- Good to carry around when traveling, Great for cleaning baby’s mess, diaper changes, baby nursery, makeup removal, skincare routine, incontinence wipes, kitchen cleaning, countertops cleanup, and car cleaning, etc.
【Dry and Wet Dual-purpose】- Use as cotton tissue to clean baby’s teeth, eyes, nipple and bottom, electronic products, etc. Add water to become a wet wipe, ideal for makeup removal, house cleaning, etc.
【Multi-Purpose】- The cotton tissue can also be used for Personal care/Baby care/Women's makeup removal/House cleaning/Office cleaning/Outdoor use and can be repeated use. But remember don’t flush the tissue, dispose of used tissues in the trash.
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