Poking, also known as doodle-embroidery, is a new form of handwork that USES special needles to poke fibers together to form felt.

According to the different production tools, the production methods are divided into: needle-felt method and wet felt method.

Poking flower embroidery is one of the most simple form embroidery and it’s beloved for people. Embroidery only need a special needle, a piece of cloth, an embroidered man, all kinds of embroidery line, can draw on the cloth of water soluble pen used to drawing, tracing paper can begin. Commonly used in folk like to use the needle to complete household door curtain, pillow case, insoles and other common household items.

Modern people also use it to dress, decorative painting, so that the ancient folk art sent out a more charming charm. Because the operation is simple, do not have too much needlework exquisite, so it also is called "fool embroidery", want a tool to be all ready only, along beforehand design and the sample manuscript that the picture is good at cloth repeatedly with the needle up and down poke move to be able to complete a beautiful mutilate work.

The embroider line material that picks up a work to use can be very extensive: nylon wool (cashmere) it is a kind of among them only, still have traditional handiwork to embroider a line, cross embroider line, wool, stretch the mark yarn of a lot of material can be used, so this kind embroider law is the handiwork that goes up easily to still give a result easily again DIY.